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About Maintz

Multimedia Designer @Kolding IBA

Hello my name is Simon Maintz

I’m a designer and Content Creator, studying at IBA Kolding.
Born in Denmark, lived in Japan, and appreciate culture, language and food.

Feel free to check out more about me by hitting the About button. Where you can learn more about me, what I create, what I have worked on. On the “Works” section you will find a full overview of my portfolio, of designs I have created and much more.

Works by Maintz

Designs, workflows, and Study cases I have worked on.

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<! However someday I will showcase more products and projects I have worked on !>

Simon Maintz

You can contact me through email and phone which can be found in the footer at the bottom. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Also feel free to check my Linkedin Profile or my Behance profile.

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